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Reasons you should consider SEO is to simply appear higher in the search engine results page (SERP) which in turn will provide your web site with more visitors. Search Engine Optimisation for a website can truly make the difference to your business, it is simply not enough to have just a website, it should be keyword optimised, clean fast HTML as Google will also take into consideration the page load speed.

Not having a well SEOed  site means you could be potentially loosing customers going else where, since your website won'€™t be found high enough in search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

At MetApps we work directly with you, to make sure we know your business inside out. This will enable us to get the content within your site search engine optimised, and ready to start climbing the Google ranks. It may require changing some  HTML on your web site, to make sure all the basics are covered, such as using the appropriate HTML tags and attributes for the best results.

Journey to the top of Google

More and more people especially businesses are realising that it is not enough to just have a website if no one can find it. With SEO even the smallest and least known company can be found.

The beauty of SEO is that if you have the time and you do some research, you can do it on your own for free. Most people do opt for the professionals to do it for them. It can be time consuming and can take up to 3 months to see the benefits.

What does SEO entail?

Content is key! Website text and blogs

  • The quality and quantity of the content on your website is important. You need to state keywords for your services and location in the text. Websites with a high search engine ranking tend to have more text on the home page. Search engines can pick up keywords from the website when someone searches for the phrases online.
  • Get writing blogs relevant to what you do. Be sure to add links to your blog and you will be amazed how many people find their way to your website.
  • The Website title should be specific to your main service and location.

Social media

Not only is social media such as Facebook and Twitter great for getting your products out there, it is also good for SEO so get on all of them! Most social media sites are optimised for search engines therefore your social media page may appear on search engines before your website is anywhere to be seen.

Adding the link to your website on your social media pages is great for SEO and getting more people to your website. The more places your website link can be found the more potential places your clients can come from to get to you.

Links and Directories

As we have already mentioned, the more online websites that contain your web address, the better. Well directories are places where people may be looking for your specific product or service. Remember to choose the correct category to describe your business in order to get relevant responses.

The more directories and links you have the better for a good online presence and there are hundreds and thousands out there. The content you put in your listings must be unique and relevant to what you do. Content is key! This is clearly very time consuming and tedious but very much worth it!


If you have a bigger budget, less time and want instant results a pay per click option may be for you. The set up of this service can be a bit of trail and error and confusing if you are not very confident with a computer but you can always call in the experts to help.

Pay per click ensures that you are visible on Google as you are paying for your place. It is very competitive to have your ad on the top of the first page, obviously depending on your industry. The highest bidder gets the highest place.

Ensure that you are targeting the specific market looking for our products or services and make sure your ads only appear to the specific keywords. It is easy to get people clicking on your ad who do not want what you are offering if you have a broad match setting.

Set your budget low to begin with and increase it if you are seeing results. It is possible to set a high budget get clicks but no enquirers. It is a very expensive loss if you have no return on investment. If you see no results keep tweaking the settings and ads until you see an improvement or call the provider to set it up for you.

A disadvantage is that once you stop the ads you will usually see a rapid decrease in customer responses.  To get the best results using the paid option, combine SEO with pay per click and see how it goes.

Who can help?

MetApps Ltd are a digital agency that have made many websites exist on the search engines. We are now working on ours and will document it for you. Currently we are on page once for Mobile applications Birmingham and Mobile apps Birmingham however we could move up for the later. We are currently working on the keywords for Web Design Birmingham which is so competitive, currently we are page 9. We will keep you updated every time was move up!

Either way large companies invest a large amount on online advertising. If you want to also be successful in your industry it is worth investing in online presence.


Analytics is great to find out how people are finding your website, it allows you to know what is working and what is not. This can save you money on any paid ads which are not offering a return on investment. It also gives you an indication on where you can improve to see greater results. If you use an agency to do your online marketing they can provide a report with this information and you will be able to see an progress made as well as checking your search engine ranking by typing in the relevant key words.

If you would like MetApps to work it's magic on your website contact us on 0121 663 0119 or visit our website and leave your details on

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